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Based in Buford, Georgia 
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The Lakewood 400 Antiques Market and Event Center in Cumming, Georgia.
Hall G, Booth 414-415, 457-458



Who we are and what we do:
-Mid-Century Modern Collectibles (1950-1980)

-Hand made Copper, Silver and Brass Jewelry 
-Jewelry Supplies and Findings
-Mixed Media Jewelry and Design 
-Lapidary work: Custom stone cutting
-Chain Maille Jewelry
-Fiber Art Jewelry
-One of a kind Bead Work
-Jewelry Making Classes - beginners, advanced, adults and children: 
-Rocks, Fossils, Minerals, Meteorites, Dinosaur Bones and Teeth
-Other oddities from around the world

Below photo:
Rock, Fossil, Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show 

Jewelry Making classes: for Adults and Children:
Soldering, Fusing and Cold Joining of Metals, Wire Wrap
ping, Bead Stringing, Chain Maille, Arts, Crafts and Design.      

Below photo: 
A commissioned copper wire wrapped piece of Kentucky Agate with a handmade spiral bead  

Below photo:
Chain Maille bracelet and earring sets. 

 We are truly a family business, Mike's mom Connie has picked up jewelry making as well.
 Above is one of her Chain Maille bracelet and earring sets.

  CJClassic Jewelry Designs:

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Below photo: 
A commissioned necklace and earring set made with recycled material

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Below photo
A commissioned wrist cuff
 made with all recycled materials

Our show schedule is below:

Below photo:
Reclaimed and Recycled circuit boards are used to make pendants, earrings and bracelets.
We can custom make them for you as well!

We utilize:
Reclaimed/Recycled materials to design and create one-of-a-kind copper, silver & brass pieces to wear along with the circuit board jewelry that we hand fabricate.

We also design and create:
Fabric/fiber pendants, mixed media and wire wrapped pendants.

In our Lapidary shop:
hand cut and polish our own cabochons.

In our Studio:

teach a variety of art/craft classes as well as bead stringing, wire wrapping and jewelry making for adults and children.

In addition:

We create unusual beaded pieces using rare and semi-precious stones as well as Chain Maille jewelry.

Purveyor of:

Quality Rocks, Minerals, Meteorites, Fossils "bones and stones" Dinosaur Teeth and other oddities from around the world.

Classes for Adults and Children, Beginners and Advanced:  
Soldering, Fusing, Cold Joining of metals, Wire Wrap
Bead Stringing, Chain Maille, Arts, Crafts and Design         
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http://www.meteoriteassociationofgeorgia.org/MembershipList.htm  (michael proft)

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Show information below:

Visit us in person the 3rd weekend of every month in Cumming, Georgia at The Lakewood 400 Event Center. http://lakewoodantiques.com  

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